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Who do you surround yourself with?

Have you ever thought about who do you surround yourself with?
Someone messed up…thank goodness they did.

It was the final day of an agents’ conference in Amelia Island Florida and I was surrounded by 100 of the top 1% of real estate agents.

The final day was Mastermind Day. We were grouped by our sales volume.

Even though I was selling $20 million per year (which would have put me in the $15M – $25M group), I was accidentally placed in the highest tier mastermind group of agents who sell $75M+ per year.

Out of genuine curiosity, I figured I might as well stay to uncover what this top 1% of agents talked about.

Their topics ranged from wealth building, lifestyle design, and nothing about working in the business — each topic changing my life.

One woman shared that she takes 4-8-week-long vacations with her family — this was the permission I needed to start living this way.

4 years later my family booked a 10-week trip exploring SE Asia. Then 4 weeks in Europe. 5 weeks in Central America. And just last year 9 months traveling the U.S. and 3 months in Europe.

Another gentleman shared how he grew his rental portfolio by 100 units each year. It was the mindset shift I needed to realize I was thinking too small.

5 years later, by spending time with others who were ahead of me, I grew my portfolio by 200 units in one year.

The thing is, this group got me thinking bigger.

I worried less about the nitty-gritty and focused more on designing my life and surrounding myself with people who could get me there.  

So take a look at your community right now. Are they:

  • Giving you the good kind of “peer pressure” by pushing you to accomplish big goals?
  • Helping you identify areas where you’ve been thinking too small?
  • Giving you perspectives you hadn’t considered before?
  • Getting you access to priceless recommendations, insider tips, and referrals?
  • Giving you helpful answers that prevent you from wasting time & money?

If not, it’s time you rethink who you surround yourself with.

Believe me, it’s crucial to take leaps especially when you don’t feel ready. Surround yourself with the right people. They will equip you with the right tools to accomplish more than you thought possible.


About the Author

Jennifer Beadles

I’m Jennifer Beadles, and together with my family, we are living the day-to-day of a financially independent family thanks to our rental properties.

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