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real estate investment memo

Real estate investment memo

Find all trends and new information in our real estate investment memo. Hedge funds right now are busy buying single-family homes and large multi-family properties — meaning 100+ unit deals. 😱


Which means there’s a gap. 


The gap being all the 5-50 unit properties out there.

🔑Many of these properties are owner-managed and under-rented. And a lot of these owners are ready to retire — creating a big opportunity for those up for the challenge of turning these properties around. 

See, with a new inventory that’s too small for the big guys and too big for the small guys, there’s way less competition.  

📈 That’s why we’re excited to help you fill in your multi-family gap happening in the market.





We have lots of events happening. Take a peek at what’s coming up this month: 

Scottsdale, AZ Meetup: $2.5M to $6.25M in 10 Months on one apartment complex in Phoenix with Chris Grant

When: May 4th 

Where: Scottsdale, AZ. 

Time: 5:30 PM MT 

How to join: Visit to RSVP

When: May 18th 

Where: Bothell, WA.

Time: 6 PM PT

RSVP: You can reserve your spot here.

“Expect the best. Prepare for the worst.
Capitalize on what comes.”

– Zig Ziglar

👀 Stay on the lookout this month as we drop some serious multi-family investing knowledge in your inbox. You won’t want to miss it.


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Jennifer Beadles

I’m Jennifer Beadles, and together with my family, we are living the day-to-day of a financially independent family thanks to our rental properties.

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