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Fast-track your journey to financial freedom with real estate investing

What if your rental portfolio paid you a six-figure income, increased your net worth like wow, and gave you the time and freedom to live your ideal lifestyle?

Here’s a secret… It can

Achieving financial freedom in 5 years or less – it’s possible!

Let us guide you on your quest toward living your best life

funded by the passive income generated by your real estate investments.

If you’ve ever wanted to own a business you can operate from anywhere in the world, where you benefit from tax write-offs and wealth appreciation – the ROI Inner Circle is for you!

About Us

What is the ROI Inner Circle?

A community where you’ll be influenced by “peer pressure” in a good way—if everyone else is accomplishing big goals, then you want to get in on the action, too! We have over 300 members—investors at all levels, from people making six-figures per year in cash flow, to people just starting out and hoping to earn an extra $10,000 per year in passive income.

Connections to local teams in different markets across the US because it’s not what you know; it’s who you know.

Daily deals – an investor’s greatest challenge is finding deals. We’ve made deal flow a priority by sending 20+ deals to your inbox every week with all the information you need to take action.

Yes, we have everything you need to succeed right in front of you, saving you tons of time and effort, eliminating any of your upfront challenges.

Is the ROI Inner Circle right for you?

If you are ambitious, eager to learn, and want to live a life by design, join us!

What you’ll get

What’s included In the membership

2-live q&as

Live Q&A calls

Every month we host a live Q&A coaching call. Bring all your questions and get ready for answers from experienced investors and our team.


Peer accountability groups

Every 3 months we open registration to join a peer accountability group for networking and to stay on track with your goals.

2-priority access

Priority access to deals

We send viable, available deals straight to your inbox from our local teams in markets across the US.

2-market directory

Market Directory

All of our market research, local team contacts , market mastermind calls, and everything you need to determine which market is right for you.

2-content library

Content library

You can gain an all-access pass to hours of video
content about different investing strategies, how to’s, and niche topics.

2-mastermind call

Monthly member mastermind call

Network with other folks at your level, get and give advice, and troubleshoot with investors who know exactly what you are going through.

2-community forum

Community forum

We created a members-only forum, so you have a private place to ask questions and learn. We even have a partnership and private lending thread for members to do deals together or lend to each other.

2-tools you need

The tools you need

There are tools, deal analysis calculators, documents, and lease agreements for you to copy and paste and use in your business. This is the real stuff you need.

2-freedom course

Five years to freedom course

Our flagship course designed to teach you how to find the funds, determine your criteria, select the best markets for you, determine the best strategy for you, and scale your rental portfolio to six-figures a year in net cash flow.



Get unlimited access to 1:1 consultations with Jennifer Beadles or Deena Iverson, who have years of experience investing in real estate and growing their portfolios in several markets across the U.S.
member guide

new member guide

This quick guide will help you evaluate where you are and what you can do to get started! In the guide, we can help you locate lending resources, finding your top 2-3 markets, accountability groups, and investing strategies all to help support you on your real estate investing journey!

Residential Property Financing Loans Course

In this course, our preferred lender goes over the various conventional loans you can utilize for your investment properties. If you are purchasing a property that is 1-4 units, there are a few conventional loan options and strategies to consider.


What our members say

We have helped hundreds of investors like Cody Touchette, who has purchased over 100 units with us, and Leana, who bought her first out-of-state investment property within months of joining the Inner Circle. Don’t take our word for it; listen to theirs!

Leana, Inner Circle member and client in Seattle investing out-of-state

Michelle, Inner Circle member and client in California investing out-of-state

Matt, Inner Circle member and client in Kansas investing out-of-state

Joe, Inner Circle member and client in Washington investing out-of-state

Cody Touchette, Head of the Touchette Team at Caliber Home Loans, and ROI Inner Circle member

Jesse, Inner Circle member and client in Washington investing out-of-state

Aaron, Inner Circle member and client in Washington investing out-of-state

Jesse, Inner Circle member and client in Washington investing out-of-state

Learn more about our

Inner Circle Founders

Jennifer Beadles

Real estate investor, Founder & CEO

I’m Jennifer Beadles, and together with my family, we are living the
day-to-day of a financially independent family thanks to our rental properties.

After years of working 60+ hour weeks and paying a fortune in taxes, we made the decision to invest our savings into buying rental properties. In a few short years, the rental income we earned was enough to cover all of our expenses, and to fund our lifestyle.

Myself, along with my team and experienced investor friends, are here to answer any of your questions and support you! Let’s get you to reach your goals both faster and more efficiently.

Last year, we spent more than 16 weeks travelling as a family last year while continuing to grow our rental portfolio and helping others do the same.

Deena Iverson

Real estate investor, General Manager

I am a mother, wife, and grandmother. Having been an entrepreneur, and self-employed since the age of 21 owning a heavy haul trucking business (and yes I drove semi-trucks), I always had the deep-seated desire to become financially free through real estate investing.

We have, via flipping, BRRRRing as well as buy and hold investing, in five years’ time, retiring my husband in 2019, 10 years early from Boeing! We continue to be strategic in our investing, ie: utilizing 1031 exchanges when possible to level up, or refinancing, adding value to rentals, as a means to increase our financial position.

Our days are spent doing what we want to do, where and when we choose. (Gardening, home projects, boating, traveling, time with friends and Family) Giving and helping where we choose is a huge factor in our lifestyle. Working with others, through Agents Invest to help with any support, guidance, motivation & inspiration fits into what I believe is a large part of my life’s purpose!

Our Promise

We promise when you join the ROI Inner Circle…


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Save $191

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Payments made every
4 months.


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Our members are real people living extraordinary lives

Our members include healthcare professionals, engineers, software developers, educators, contractors, firefighters, project managers, recruiters, real estate agents, digital nomads, flight attendants, and more. Some of them work in sales; others launch rockets into space.

Some members own small businesses; others are full-time investors. We have early retirees and those who are just getting started. Our members own mobile home parks, do private lending, operate adult family homes, buy apartments, house hack, own Airbnb/short term rentals, or use the BRRR strategy to recycle capital.

Yes, we have everything you need to succeed right in front of you, saving you tons of time and effort, eliminating any of your upfront challenges.

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The Inner Circle is for you if:

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Let’s sum it up.

Here's everything included in your investment:

Worth $3000

Monthly Live Q&A call with Jennifer Beadles.

Worth $15,000

Content library.

Worth $12,000

Daily deals in your inbox.


Market directory.


Community Forum.


Peer accountability groups.

Worth $600

Five years to freedom course.


Monthly member mastermind call.

Worth $5,000

Resources & Tools.

Total annual value:


Annual investment ROI Inner Circle:


There is a way to live a lifestyle by design.

Let us show you how… Become a member today!

We make real estate investing simple.

Let us show you how to build and scale your own rental portfolioso you have more freedom with time and money.