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Great deals do exist

What’s slowing you down from finding great deals? Is it because you’re not sure which market to invest in? Or is it because you aren’t sure where to find hidden gems?

There are still great deals out there,
 it’s a matter of being creative, knowing where to look, and knowing the right people.

Regardless of whether those deals are from the MLS, wholesale, or off-market.

In fact, let me walk you through some recent purchases where our team found deals in all three categories:


MLS – Holland, MI

The seller wanted $799,000 for this 7-unit property and I was able to talk them down to $775,000 plus a $15,000 credit toward repairs.

Right now the rents are $6,250/month but I plan on raising them to $8,400/month – conservatively. Once I do, this property will be worth over $900,000.

holland great deal
holland calculations

Wholesale Deal – Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga, TN is a market I discovered almost two years ago, and an area where I’ve helped many of our Inner Circle members invest.

This duplex came to me from a wholesale deal with an asking price of $126,000. I negotiated the price to $118,000. Estimated renovations are $30,000 and once completed, we’ll rent each unit for $700 – $750 per month. I expect the new appraised value to be $175,000 — allowing me to recoup most of my initial investment.

Off-Market Short-term Rental – Phoenix, AZ


This is a deal we sent directly to our Inner Circle members and an investor quickly snatched it up! The purchase price was $400,000 and STR rental rates are between $200-$300/per night.

Check out the pro forma returns below —  needless to say, our investor is pretty excited about this deal.

phoenix calculations

The market is hot and everyone is looking for deals. If you look the same way everyone else is, you’ll find it tough to compete.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather avoid competition altogether and find deals where others aren’t looking.

Here’s to being more creative and thinking outside the box for your next deal.

How would your investing business be different if you could receive at least 20+ deals a week in your inbox? Would you be able to:

  • Write more offers?
  • Gain more experience in deal analysis?
  • Worry less about lead gen and more on closing solid deals?

Leverage my personal network and support to scale your investing business by joining the Inner Circle today.


About the Author

Jennifer Beadles

I’m Jennifer Beadles, and together with my family, we are living the day-to-day of a financially independent family thanks to our rental properties.

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