Real estate investor success story: Ashley Gallager

Join our Facebook community to attend an inspirational Facebook live event, a real estate investor success story with Ashley Gallacher. She is a full-time real estate investor who self-manages a diverse rental portfolio.


She started her real estate investing journey in 2019. Now, she works with multi-family homes, a portfolio of single family homes. Evidently, she also works with short-term and mid-term rentals.


Ashley graduated with a Finance degree from the University of Washington. Later, she continued her education and got certificates in Business Development and Entrepreneurship a few years after she graduated.


A journey to become a full time real estate investor


Before becoming a full-time real estate investor, Ashley gathered 10+ years of Finance experience in Aerospace and Tech. She left her Corporate Finance position to pursue real estate investing. And it turned out to be a great decision!


Ashely now has a portfolio of single-family homes, as well as short-term rental properties in WA state. She works in multifamily developments. 


And she is the Co-host of the Seattle Real Estate InvestHER meetup chapter, a group focused on supporting women in real estate.


However, outside of real estate investing, she loves spending time with her two kids, husband, other family and friends and traveling!


She joined us for a FB Live in February 2021, where she shared how she was able to quit her full-time job in tech after diving into real estate investing. But, out-of-state properties really kickstarted everything for Ashley.


Full-time real estate investor, full speed ahead


These days Ashely continues to grow her real estate portfolio. Equally important, she started a few more interesting property projects in the past year and a half. 


This inspirational real estate investor started multiple development projects. More so, one of her multi-family projects got funds by Amazon’s Housing Equity Accelerator Program.


In addition, Ashley also leveraged her short-term rental. Thanks to that, she creatively finances a mid-term rental.


Recently, Ashley has been featured in a book highlighting 25 real estate investors of color!


Tune in to see how Ashley has been able to break through barriers. 


Finally, get inspired and learn about what has contributed to her success. What’s more, you can make strides into 2023 too!

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