WA Meetup: Lessons learned through 19 years of investing with Joe Wanagel

If you haven’t met WA investor Joe Wanagel before, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. 

Joe started investing in real estate in 2003 when he was working in the auto industry. Fast forward to now, Joe has scaled up to over 120 units, both in and out of Washington. 

His bread and butter is finding heavy-value add multifamily properties both in and out-of-state and implementing the BRRR strategy.

What does “heavy-value add” mean? Think down-to-the-stud remodels, entire property evictions, and everything in between. He also self-manages all of these properties. 

As you can imagine, with projects this big, Joe has learned a few lessons and has the best stories to share! Despite major setbacks on just about every project, he’s still investing in real estate.

Join us as Joe shares about some of the lessons he’s learned in the past 19 years so you can apply them to your own strategy.

RSVP here 👉 https://bit.ly/meetup-oct12

Investors and agents with varying levels of experience are encouraged to attend! We’ll spend 45 minutes on this subject and the rest of the time networking. There will be no pitching or selling; instead, real people will share their real-life experiences.

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