Kirkland, WA Meetup - Simple Land Development Opportunities To Create Wealth

Join us Wednesday October 11th at 6PM, where we invite you our next Kirkland Meetup with esteemed Guest Speaker Anton Stetner will share insights on the compelling world of real estate development as an investment model. This event caters to local Washington state investors with a thirst for knowledge and interest in expanding their investment horizons through land development.

**Date:** October 11th

**Time:** 6:00 PM

**Location:** Kirkland Compass Real Estate

Ever thought about turning your knack for deals and problem-solving into wealth through land development? Join us for an intriguing session on “Simple Land Development Opportunities To Create Wealth.” Explore how the inherent complexities create a barrier to entry, offering golden opportunities for those diving into the language of development—aka municipal codes.

Attendees can expect to gain knowledge in the following areas:

1. Grand Slam Approach: Discover a strategic method to spot potential projects.
2. Development Process Simplified: A sneak peek into the step-by-step journey—from zoning exploration to understanding costs.
3. Old School Developer Hack: Uncover a proven hack that’s made me a ton of money.

Attendees will also all go home with a bonus money making homework assignment.

Why Attend? This isn’t your ordinary meetup—it’s your ticket to understanding the art of wealth creation through land development. Anton will guide you through valuable insights without giving away his secrets to success. Anton will draw from his extensive experience and portfolio. The meetup agenda includes a Q&A session, providing you with the opportunity to seek answers to your questions and connect with like-minded investors.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting your real estate journey, this event promises valuable insights that can elevate your investment game. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the exciting world of real estate development with one of the industry’s most seasoned experts!

Join us on October 11th in Kirkland and let’s embark on a journey to unlock the potential of real estate development as your ultimate investment strategy. Ready to transform your real estate approach? Claim your spot now!