Meetup: Designing your Wealth for Financial Independence

What if Financial Independence was closer than you think? Do you want to design your wealth to have more flexibility and control as you pursue your most important goals?

If any of the above are true, then this meetup is for you! Our speaker, Austin Dean a financial strategist at Waystone Advisors, aims to change the ways you understand and interact with your wealth.

As an attendee of this Meetup you can expect to gain an understanding of:

  • Creating more flexibility and control of your resources
  • Using leverage and lines of credit like a billionaire
  • Successfully merging Traditional planning w/ real estate Investing

Austin’s goal is to empower you to fully understand new financial tools and re-think how you can achieve your most important goals. Aiming to educate you on what investing really is and how it contributes to your life’s purpose with hopes of helping you achieve financial independence. He believes you have one life to live, and that life should be lived intentionally and to the fullest.

Investors and agents with varying levels of experience are encouraged to attend! We’ll spend 45 minutes on this subject and the rest of the time networking. There will be no pitching or selling; instead, real people will share their real-life experiences.