Have you started building your real estate portfolio but haven't set up the proper safeguards for your assets?

Are you unsure of how to protect yourself (or that you even needed to)? Or maybe the fear of losing your assets is holding you back from diving into real estate?

If any of the above is true, then this Meetup is for you!

Tyler Kerlee, Owner of Path Insurance Solutions, will be sharing with you all you need to know to protect yourself with landlord insurance. No longer will you have sleepless nights worrying about what might be in jeopardy if anything were to happen on your property.

Tyler’s been working in insurance since 2004 and absolutely loves his job. He gets the most enjoyment out of building relationships with his clients and referral partners. He loves to help people grow and protect their assets.

You won’t want to miss out this Meetup!

Investors and agents of all levels of experience are welcome to attend! We’ll devote 30 minutes to this topic and the rest of the time to networking. There will be no pitching or selling, just real people sharing their real-life experiences.

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