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5 ways to fast-track financial freedom

It takes up to 5 years of focus and dedication to achieve financial freedom with real estate investing.

That’s it.

When you’re just starting out as an investor, though – or if you’ve got some properties under your belt yet it isn’t enough to leave your full-time job –

5 years can feel like an eternity…

If you think of 5 years like a 5-hour road trip – like the one my family just had in Greece from Naxos Island to Meteora – you’re in the awkward 2-3 hour phase where…

…your legs are starting to get cramped
…you’re wondering when you’ll stop for a restroom break
…you’re hangry from all the road trip snacks being gone

Financial freedom doesn’t happen overnight – but here’s what you can do to “fast-track” your journey:


1. Buy Bigger Deals

In the beginning, it’s reasonable to start small with single-family homes. But as you scale up, you’ve got to pull the trigger on bigger deals like four-plexes and multi-family apartments.

2. Take Daily Action

The best daily action you can take is analyzing 5 deals a day and making one offer per week. Consistency is key.

3. Bring in Partners

If you don’t have the capital, find someone you can split the cost with. This will help you qualify for bigger and better deals.

4. Find Hidden Value

You don’t find great deals, you make great deals. Practice spotting value-add opportunities as you scale up. For example, can a basement be turned into a bedroom and add an extra $250/month?

5. Upgrade Your Community

The Inner Circle is a great place to collaborate with investors at all levels. From people making six figures per year in cash flow to those just starting out with $10,000 per year.

By taking this consistent action, you’ll start to see results. Like Alex, who joined the Inner Circle.

He was a brand new investor with 0 units. But over time, we developed an investment strategy for him and he worked up to 18 units – all of them fixer-uppers and out-of-state – within a span of 3 years.

Imagine how much 5 years of focus will be worth to you when you can finally live life on your own terms?

When you join the Inner Circle you join a community that can help you make a plan for finding:

  • When and how to sell properties and level up
  • Where to find the right market(s)
  • How to structure finances or refinancing

And any other obstacle you’re up against. Plus getting 20+ on and off-market deals directly to your inbox every week.

Sounds like the support you need to scale your passive income? Join the Inner Circle to build generational wealth with tools, resources, & support to get there!

By the way, the 5-hour road trip from Naxos Island to Meteora – worth it.

financial freedom travel

My family and I got to travel to the oldest place in the entire world where they found human remains from 130,000 years ago. How cool!


About the Author

Jennifer Beadles

I’m Jennifer Beadles, and together with my family, we are living the day-to-day of a financially independent family thanks to our rental properties.

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